POWER PRO PP64G8S- m-0.15 275 mm PRO Braid POWER Super 8 Reel Diameter 275 mm 0.15 m


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Braid Power Super POINT 8
Ref: PP64G8S27515
: 275 m Reel
Diameter: 0.15 Resistance: 10 mm
22 kg/lbs
Color: Green

the Power-Pro Super Slick 8 is a Braided 8 Pin Power Technology, ultra Smooth EBT Pro "'combined with a braided 8 pin Line creates an extremely smooth round, as Silk and glides both 'a nylon! It is also more quiet and smooth, where 'Throwing distances greater than 'a braid traditionnelle. the Power-Pro Super Slick is the Braiding 8 which has received the award of the" better "Braid at the salon 'Efftex in the 2011 Exclusive Power Technology (EBT" Pro" "Technology" Enhanced Body the '). application of the special coating for the warp remove holes between strands ', where an ultra smooth tangle free and in the wind neither Wigs in the spool!
Super Slick 8 is a construction with ultra Smooth 8, an 8-Wire Wire braid create one line extremely Round, Smooth as a monofilament and confer an exceptional Glide a great resistance to diameter ratio no fish/longer end of precision, long casting; quiet and excellent abrasion resistance can not cut the Rings Long performance life Available in 2 colours: Green, Yellow, White, Red (Available in longeurs 135 m Spool 2 m 5 Diameter 275 mm 0.13 to 0.28 mm for strength of 8 KG To 24 kg


  • Color: Green
  • Diameter: 0.15 mm
  • Resistance: 10 kg
  • Material: braid
  • : 275 m Reel