POWER PRO PP64R- m-0.23 275 mm PRO Braid POWER 275 m Spool-Diameter 23 mm


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Braid Power POINT
Ref: PP64R27523
: 275 m Reel

: 0.23 mm Diameter Resistance: 15 kg
Color: Red
the Pro Power offers benefits that are specific to each of the meetings, a situation that approve, fishermen of fresh water from sea water, the exclusive use of the Technology provides a Round, Smooth, glossy line and a structurally more, braided, ultra-strong hold it Improves all forms of fisheries, Pitchin and roll, casting, jigging train, fishing and fishing Coarse, you will find all the fineness of sensations required. It begins with ultra-Strong Braided fibre Spectra, which is treated with the "Technology" Enhanced Body to create one line incredibly Round, Smooth and try sensible. PowerPro on your next fishing trip, and see for yourself why This is the dream of any fisherman and the nightmare of all fish
Spectra the fibre! a one of the best/diameter ratio testing. thanks to its high-tenacity yarn, it was 15 times more resistance than hard steel, longer than 40% polyester and is more resistant than the fibre aramide. its high performance depends on its density filament.
Pro Power is so strong that even a Nail Clippers could not the couper. to this end, we recommend the use of These scissors are very coupants. to avoid hurt you do, the British Wrap your ever autours or Your hands l.. the great control.


  • Material: braid
  • Diameter: 0.23 mm
  • : 275 m Reel
  • Color: Red
  • Resistance: 15 kg