power pro

What’s PowerPro ?

In other words, PowerPro may be the final mixture of today’s technology and traditional fishing information.

We start with super-powerful braided Spectra Fiber use a remarkably circular, sleek, and delicate point to be created by Improved Body Engineering. PowerPro leaves superlines in the dirt and outperforms lines in virtually any scenario. Try PowerPro in your next fishing vacation, and find out on your own why it is every fisherman’s desire – and every fishes headache !

What’s the PowerPro Advantage
EBT and PowerProis special structure give a point that’s to you:

Rounder and compact
• Wont hide in the spool
Packages and • Spools better on any reel
• Picks less water up
• Has incredible power-to-size ratio

Structurally Superior
• Minimizes wind backlashes knots, manual and rod tip wraps
• holds knots and Connections easier
• Near zero stretch
• No reel memory

Softer and Slicker
• Sails through instructions for longer casts
Guides Wont cut on
• Resists abrasion by natural or equipment hazards
• Maintains performance over time


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Showing all 11 results