Welcome to the world of braiddirect.co.uk we supply the best braided fishing line to the angler from every major manufacture in the world.

Braided fishing line gives amazing bite detection with diameters that put monofilament lines to shame. Making it the top fishing in the world and used by all the world champions.

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Spiderwire Stealth
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Berkley Fire Line

It’s become so popular because of some simple facts that the angler needs when fishing.

High Knot Strength – with no give your fishing knots stay rock solid as they should do and no more losing the fish due to the knot slipping (see Braided Fishing Knots for more info)

Lack Of Stretch – monofilament line can be like a big elastic band which results in poor bite detection and this is why braided line wins hands down with almost zero give. You are 100% in contact with what is going on at the business end of your rig which will only have one out come … More Fish!

Super low diameters – at a fraction of their equivalent mono line your braided fishing line cuts through the water and results with lighter weights being used and no more bows of line be taken by the current .This is a win win situation especially for the deep sea anglers fishing at massive depths.

The line is suitable for every kind of fishing there is and has been proved decade after decade in being the best fishing line out there bar none.

There are a lot of choices waiting for you as we stock the best fishing braid line from Berkley , Daiwa , EPOSEIDON , Fishing Republic , Fladen , Fox Head , Pro Power and Spiderwire lines so what are you waiting for join the braided fishing line club and get catching some fish.